Kyle Lambert

Illustrator / Digital Artist

Kyle Lambert is an L.A. based visual artist, who is known for creating commercially successful artwork and illustrations for creative advertising in the entertainment industry.

Kyle originally trained as a traditional oil painter and now leads the field as a breakthrough digital artist. His approach to art involves detailed research, experimentation, and the development of new tools and techniques to create visually impactful artwork.

Over the past 10 years Kyle has worked with some of the world's largest brands, including Apple, Adobe, Disney, GQ, Netflix, Paramount Studios and Vanity Fair.

Movie Poster Art
Illustration / Creative Advertising

Kyle has created the key art for some of Hollywood's most recognizable Movie and TV properties. He combines his passion for art, design, and storytelling to bring a sense of magic and excitement to creative advertising.

He illustrated the now iconic poster art for the Netflix hit series Stranger Things. Kyle's artwork was at the forefront of the global advertising campaigns for both seasons of the show, which have had an overwhelming response from fans around the world.

Kyle is also the artist behind the illustrated poster for the J.J. Abrams and Steven Spielberg movie Super 8. His painting was used for the international theater release and for special edition DVD and Blu-ray box sets.

Digital Painting Photo-realistic / Concept Art

Kyle is renowned for pushing boundaries with the use of technology in his art, and often demonstrates his techniques at conferences, expos and special events around the world.

In 2013, he produced a photorealistic digital painting of Morgan Freeman using an iPad and his finger. A video detailing his process went viral and received over 15 million views, raising awareness of a new platform for artists.

Kyle's digital workflow begins in the Procreate app for iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil, which he uses for sketching ideas, and outlining his illustrations. He continues developing his work at a higher resolution with Adobe Photoshop for Mac using a Wacom Intuos tablet.


To download Kyle's portfolio containing a selection of his most recent projects
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The Duffer Brothers
Writers & Directors / Stranger Things

"We felt compelled to contact Kyle after seeing his amazing retro artwork for the J.J. Abrams film Super 8, and were impressed with his ability to use the latest cutting-edge digital techniques to create artwork that recalled to a bygone era of filmmaking. The incredible poster that Kyle designed for us perfectly captures the soul of our show and contributed heavily to it's success. Being fans of his work as we are, we could not be more excited to work with him again in the future. Kyle, you are a wizard!"

Dana Chan Art Director / NVIDIA

"NVIDIA enjoys a longstanding relationship with Kyle Lambert, a talented artist with a unique mix of classical art training and technical knowledge. I reached out to him after concluding that he was the best artist to test our new and upcoming products and services. He provided insightful observations and new ideas to our development team that showed a deep understanding of how tools affect the creative process. I never tire of hearing Kyle's ideas and ambition to push his work beyond what which others have achieved, and I consider myself a fan of his work."

Meghan Boots
Marketing Strategy Lead / Adobe Systems

"I first reached out to Kyle, when I was looking for artists to help shape the future direction of mobile apps at Adobe. His revolutionary use of our apps awed us all by showing my team and me that the capabilities of our own products were beyond what we could have imagined. He collaborated with us on marketing materials as well as working with our technical team to improve our applications. Kyle's association with Adobe has proven to be highly beneficial to our market position in the creative industries and we hope to continue our partnership on future products."

James Cuda Co-founder / Procreate

"The creative team at Savage Interactive first contacted Kyle after seeing his iPad artwork online and have worked with him to create a roadmap of changes to improve our app. Kyle has performed a critical role in our efforts to popularize Procreate amongst the worldwide digital arts community. His work has changed the mobile art industry and catapulted our product to the next level, creating instant brand recognition for our product. I continue to work with Kyle because I truly believe that his artwork showcases the true capabilities of our app."

Huffington Post Interview /

"Kyle Lambert is an extremely talented movie poster artist who has created the artwork behind some of Hollywoods biggest movies and TV shows. If you are a fan of the hit Netflix series Stranger Things you've probably seen his work featured on everything from posters to lunch boxes, t-shirts, and giant billboards.."

Adobe : Artist Spotlight
Interview /

"If you've not seen Kyle Lambert's artwork it's pretty safe to say you've missed out on one of the best series of the past few years, 'Stranger Things'. His distinctive, slightly retro style is infused with fantasy and magic, and yet there's also an element of realism; an illustrative hybrid that has no doubt contributed to his international success.."

Interview /

"It turns out that the surprise hit Netflix show of the summer, Stranger Things, has also quietly boosted the profile of a new piece of Apple hardware: the iPad Pro. The now iconic poster for the series, which effectively mimics the look of classic movie posters of the '80s, was created on the iPad Pro by artist Kyle Lambert, who also used the Apple Pencil.."

iMore : iPad Pros Interview /

"I first met Kyle back in 2011 at Macworld Expo - he had made waves as one of the first artists to fully embrace finger-painting on the original iPad. We've corresponded throughout the years as digital art on the iPad has progressed and developed, and I thought it only natural that he be my first subject for this column - just over six years after our first ever iPad art interview.."