Movie Poster Artist

Kyle Lambert

Kyle Lambert is an L.A. based artist, who is known for creating illustrated movie posters for the entertainment industry.

Stranger Things

Kyle Lambert designed the Stranger Things poster illustrations series. His work has been at the forefront of global advertising campaigns for all 4 seasons of the show and has been featured on Billboards, action figures, books, comics, apparel, and as part of the Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights experience in Hollywood, Orlando and Singapore.

Stranger Things Season 1 - Poster
Stranger Things Season 2 - Poster
Stranger Things Season 3 - Poster
Stranger Things Season 4 - Poster
Stranger Things - Worlds Turned Upside Down - Behind the scenes companion
Stranger Things - The Ultimate Pop-Up Book
Stranger Things - Halloween Horror Nights - Universal Studios
Stranger Things - Halloween Horror Nights 2019 - Universal Studios
Stranger Things - Halloween Horror Nights - Universal Studios 2019
Stranger Things - Dark Horse Comic - Variant Cover
Stranger Things - Dark Horse Comic - Six Variant Cover
Stranger Things - Dark Horse Comic - Glow in the Dark Variant Cover
Stranger Things - Into the Fire - Series 3 Variant Cover
Stranger Things - Science Camp - Series 4 Variant Cover
Stranger Things - Tomb of Ybwen - Series 5 Variant Cover
Stranger Things - Dungeons and Dragons
Commercial Projects

Kyle works with some of the world's largest brands, including Apple, Disney, Marvel, Netflix, Paramount Studios, Sony Pictures and Universal Studios. He created over 30 title illustrations for Disney's adventure movie, Jungle Cruise and is the artist behind advertising campaigns for Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Amazon Studios's The Boys, the NBC shows, The Blacklist and Timeless, the J.J. Abrams and Steven Spielberg movie, Super 8, and cover art for the number one album, Simulation Theory by British rock band Muse.

Jungle Cruise Art
Agents of Shield - Season 7
The Boys - Dawn of the Seven
The Boys - Payback
Total Recall Poster 1990
Timeless - Season 2
The Blacklist - Season 6
Super 8 - Movie Poster
Muse - Simulation Theory
Other Projects
Jurassic Park - Poster
The Thing - Poster
The Wizard of Oz - Poster
Beetlejuice - Poster