Stranger Things - Hawkins Map - by Kyle Lambert

Stranger Things : Hawkins Map

Stranger Things Day 2021

I was hired to research and illustrate the first ever map of Hawkins, Indiana - the fictional town of the Netflix series 'Stranger Things'. For this project I studied all of the location geography that is given in the series and pieced together the position of some of the key locations. I sketched a 2D map to place these locations and filled in the gaps with plausible roads and paths for journeys the characters make in each episode. For the final illustrated version, I simplified my map and sketched all of the locations using a 3D perspective.

"In celebration of Stranger Things Day, Netflix has released the first official map of Hawkins, Indiana, which was created by artist Kyle Lambert.

The map gives fans their best look at a rough layout of Hawkins and a glimpse of many of the locations featured in the show and where they are relative to each other. Not only do we get a look at Hawkins National Laboratory, Hawkins High School, the homes of the cast, Starcourt Mall, Hawkins Community Pool, and The Palace Arcade, we also see the monsters featured in the show and some of the other locations we've seen in the series, like Russia and Chicago, and places our characters will go in Season 4, like California."

Stranger Things - Hawkins Map Drawing - by Kyle Lambert